Our Core Values at End Impunity Organization

  • End Impunity Organization believes that impunity for crimes committed against innocent civilians has no place in our world.
  • End Impunity Organization is resolute in combating impunity, a grave human rights violations, that ensuing justice is the only way to restore the dignity of victims.
  • End Impunity Organization is committed to advocate and lead concerted efforts to help bring those who are responsible of mass atrocities to international justice.
  • End Impunity Organization believes that the slogan of ‘never again’ shall never end until impunity ends.
  • End Impunity Organization convinced that the best approach to deter and prevent recurrence of mass atrocities is to hold perpetrators accountable.
  • End Impunity Organization advocates that a country in which democratic values are instilled and the rule of law is observed is a country in which mass atrocities are less likely to occur.

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