Our Approach

Our approach to Ending Impunity:

  • UN Security Council – EIO will constantly remind and urge the UN Security Council to implement its resolutions on situations where mass atrocities have occurred; and execute arrest warrants issued by the International Criminal Court in cases referred by the Council.
  • The ICC Member States – EIO will communicate the concerns of the public to member states of the ICC who voluntarily ratified the Rome Statue to respect, execute, and carry out their obligations and duty with regards to the court orders.
  • The International Community at EIO will influence policy makers, the media, and collaborate with activists, like-minded organizations to increase support for the International Criminal Court and other Tribunals to fulfill their duties on behalf of victims of crimes.
  • National Governments – EIO will call on national governments to combat impunity within their territories and assist in capacity building in the area of justice and the rule of law; will influence and encourage powerful nations to facilitate the means for actions when grave crimes are committed.
  • World Wide Voice for JusticeEIO is dedicated to be a world wide voice for justice and an urgent call to end impunity, a mass rally to deter criminals of grave abuses, a leading champion for justice, reconciliation, and peace.

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