Vision and Mission

Our Mission at End Impunity Organization

Local Perspective:

End Impunity’s immediate mission in Sudan is to raise awareness, educate, and promote the importance of the rule of law; create a culture of law-abiding citizens, and ensure that no citizen is denied due process of the law; that fair procedures and equal protection are fundamental rights of citizens. End Impunity believes that commitment to legality is the solid and best foundation upon which our legal system and democracy can be built and advanced.

Global Perspective:

End Impunity Organization perceived itself as partner in the international justice system, thus, its mission on the global stage is to advocate for justice by mobilizing grassroots pressure on the international community and national governments to end impunity and bring those who are responsible for crimes against humanity, war crimes, the crime of genocide and other human rights abuses to face justice; subsequently, ensures redress for victims of these crimes.

Our Vision

End Impunity Organization envisions a world in which people everywhere live in peace under the rule of law with liberty, equal rights, and justice for all.

Our Universal Shared Value

Ending impunity towards a vision of universal justice…

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