Who We Are?

End-Impunity Organization (EIO) is a Sudanese civil society organization, registered in Sudan with registration certificate number (689) from the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), Sudan.
EIO is a non-governmental, non-partisan, independent national organization registered to defend the basic human rights principles of life, liberty, and human dignity, to mobilize and lead efforts to end impunity and demand those responsible for human rights violations, crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide to bring them to justice and legal accountability, to lead efforts and build national will to ending the culture of impunity.

EIO was established in 2011and worked from Juba, South Sudan for difficulties of working in Sudan due to intimidation and prosecutions of members. After the Sudanese December Revolution 2018, EIO commenced its work from Sudan.
EIO primary goal is to empower Sudanese people to stand up for their rights, mobilize grassroots pressure that calls for the independence of the judiciary, protection of human rights, observance of rule of law, and progression of democratic culture. EIO Campaigning for Justice:

  • Fighting against Impunity;
  • Becoming the Voice for Voiceless Victims;
  • Becoming the Voice for the Oppressed;
  • Empowering Women in Peace process & Conflict Resolution;
  • Building Capacity for rule of law;
  • Advancing Civic Education and Building Democratic Culture.

EIO is not affiliated with the government or an extension of any political party, armed movement, religious organization, or interest group.

Therefore, EIO does not depend for funding on these groups. Financial resources of EIO come from membership subscriptions, donations and gifts from similar organizations, charitable foundations, and individuals with similar vision of EIO.

EIO does not accept any gifts or any financial support from the government and government agencies.

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